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Corporate I.T.

Successfully completed in the last 18 months.

  • itAs high end consultants in the Irish I.T. Market we have been instrumental in the creation of a number of call centres in Ireland. We have also had a pivotal position in the Countries infrastructure Network for NTR.

    • 180 seat call centre
    • Multi Site VPN Setup,
    • Video Conferencing over IP.
    • Corporate ERP system selection and Implementation
    • Citrix Infrastructure Design and Roll-Out to 50 sites.
    • Network Monitoring and Helpdesk Operational Review and Software Selection and Implementation.
    • Preparation of Corporate Hardware Maintenance and Support Strategy
    • EPOS - Central System selection for 20 European Sites - Business Intelligence Head Office Reporting , Selection and Implementation
    • Corporate Payroll Selection and Implementation
    • Corporate IT Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan

Web Design

Initial web site questionnaire

Starting with a blank page can sometimes be a daunting task, this questionnaire is a good way to start sorting out what you need for your web site, This form must have an email address so that we may contact you.

You are always welcome to call us and talk it through, 028 6774 2828 or from the ROI 048 6774 2828

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Who Will Provide Copy/text for the site.

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Are there any special features you'd like incorporated into your web site? (click to see examples)
Video  Web Board Chat Room/Live Person
Interactive Content (News, Quotes, Etc.) Contact Form
Pass Coded Areas Site Search Surveys
FLASH Animation Music Merchant Account
Auto Admin Page Clock, Day time Voice Over
Webcasts Photo Gallery Client Login
Newsletter Manager Employee Login Other Programming
Database Splash Page/flash intro Other
Shopping Cart/ECommerce
Custom Photography
ELM - Email List Management Interactive Content (News, Quotes, Etc.)
Employment/Careers Section

Navigation: (Web site Tree/Outline) For Example: Home, About Us, Products/Services (Use Keywords for search engines if possible), Contact Us, Email, Inquiries

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Do you need a host for your web site? Yes No
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Would you like us to update/maintain your site using our CONTENT MANAGER ? Yes No


Writing Copy / Text for the Web site Providing Photos for the Web site
Additional Notes:

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