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EG Only LogoAt Emerging Group we believe that competition in and from emerging markets, improved communication and distribution channels, advances in information technology and many others, force enterprises into new ways of organizing their work, while continuing the search for reduced cost and improved service.

The strategic response to these growing challenges is the outsourcing and centralisation of services in order to significantly leverage economies of scale and scope, to increase the accuracy and quality of information and to enhance learning competencies and know how through increased co-operation, communication and diversity within a company.

Emerging Group offer superior IT consulting and support plans for all your business needs. We are able to offer both onsite and offsite support.


Unlike most IT support companies we don't lock you into any contracts. We firmly believe once you experience our level of service you will not contemplate going anywhere else for your IT support needs. From Dublin to Belfast, Bundorn to Ballygowan, Emerging Group can be your IT Support


To support a number of business requirements we have developed the following E-Software solutions.



textMytrimeThe most difficult person to get timesheets from is the remote employee or Sub-Contractor. Txtmytime allows timesheets to be stopped and started automatically using text messages. We even allow you to send pictures, voice recording and videos from your Phone to our system.

Why not have your administrator type up your meeting minutes before you arrive home, this is now possible....

Txtmytime will integrate into most applications.

Please contact us for a demonstration or to discuss our services in relation to your requirements.



eeecvRecruitment companies and large companies have for decades tried to find the perfect employee/placement by trawling through paper CV's. Now with our expierence in DVD and Video Production we expanded with eSeeV, which allows people to present themselves using a streaming video CV which cacn be emailed to prospective employers.

Please contact us for a demonstration or to discuss our services in relation to your requirements.


Software on Sale

QuickBooks Techsmith Sophos

We have been working with these softwares for over 10 years and find them to be of great use and value to our customers no matter what type of company you have. We are re-sellers of these softwares for more information please click here.

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