Brand Development | Helping you Shine

Whatever your endeavour, a distinct, memorable and clearly focused brand has a positive impact on almost every aspect of your business: from perception to growth and most important, bottom line.

 A strong brand is often a perceived barrier to entry, giving potential competitors a clear “they own this space' message.

Creating a good brand involves much more than pretty pictures or an avant garde style. When creating a brand we combine analysis, strategy and creative thinking  to create a clear identity that is correctly positioned and easy to market. We think from two perspectives: your's and your customers' – never ours.

We assess:

  • Your target market(s) from a demographical perspective (age, gender, financial status).
  • You – your current and intended positioning, your key strengths (so they can be built on) and your weaknesses (so they can be mitigated).
  • Your products – again in terms of market position, strengths and weaknesses.

We approach the deceptively complex task of creating an efficient corporate brand with fairly tightly defined philosophy – one with a clear focus on converting your prospects to your customers while improving the perception of existing clients.

Great care is taken to position you brand and corporate image correctly using visuals and colours to define and support your core message.

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More than design...

“A good brand is more than a good design – it is a visible representation of your entire business, getting your core message across to potential customers in subtle ways and reinforcing your relationship with existing clients.”