Javascript Programming

If you are looking for Javascript programming or development work we can probably help: we have been programming in Javascript since about the time it was first called Javascript (anyone remember Mocha?)

Javascript started life (at Netscape) as a lightweight client side interpreted scripting language designed to do a few things (in the Netscape browser) that could not be done in HTML.

While this C style, loosely typed (Duck...) interpreted language was viewed by many 'hard core' programmers with a measure of distain, it has metamorphised (exploded may be a better word) into a full featured easy to use multipurpose tool.

Its broad support, the development of AJAX and the plethora of frameworks (JQuery, YUI, et al) make it ever easier to use  - the platform of choice for client side web based programming and (more frequently) server side development as well (Node.js being the most notable example).

In short: we do Javascript.